Estonian Independence Day

It seems rather fitting that the first blog post is about my beautiful home country.

On the 24th of February morning when I woke from the cuddly nest, sun was shining high up already. It was time to take the flag out and start the huge cook-off to celebrate 98th Estonian Independence Day. Since it is rather restless times in various countries around the world we took time off with friends and family this year to enjoy each others company and reflect on some things. How lucky we are to be born in this country, how much we have achieved as a nation in such short time (Estonia regained its independence in 1991) and how many great folks we have as fellow citizens…

We don’t have mountains, but that doesn’t mean anything – our Thirteen-year-old Kelly Sildaru  still won gold medal in Women’s Ski Slopestyle at X Games 2016 and became the youngest athlete ever to win Winter X gold. We dont play American Football here, but we still have Margus Hunt, an Estonian-born American football defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL.

We have the youngest prime minister in Europe, capital that is hipster heaven but can also cater for snobs. Word entrepreneur is used as middle-name, that mom and dad forgot to give. Taxes are done in 3 minutes via online. And from this year we also have Ieva.


Those are just the few things to burst out, but all in general
– I think we are doing fine.